Three useful tricks for mobile phones you may not have known

These are three useful tricks for mobile phones – both for iOS and Android smartphone – that you might have not known.

1. Clean smartphone screen

If you are one of those who use a screen protector particularly a plastic one, there is a useful way to repair scratches on it.

In order to remove all the scratches, all you need to do is to get a toothpaste tube and squeeze it onto your screen. However, if your smartphone is not a waterproof one, you should put it on a screen protector, rub it all the way in, leave it for about five minutes and later wipe it off with a cloth.

Avoid using the toothpaste on a glass display since it could ruin the screen.

2. Use earphones button for camera clicks

A helpful function of earphones is that when you plug them in, if they have a remote on them, then you can use its button to take a photo remotely. That is also true for bluetooth earphones if you pair your bluetooth earphones.

You can take a photo remotely if your bluetooth earphones have a button by launching the camera and clicking the pause/play button. This is a great trick for taking group photos.

3. Free screen on a plane

Not all planes have a personal screen for each person to entertain. That doesn’t mean you always have to go without it. All you need to do is to download a film onto your smartphone in advance, or use inflight WiFi, provided that it is available.

If you don’t want to hold your smartphone up all flight long, you should prepare a zip bag beforehand and make a small hole next to the bottom for the audio cord. Then put the phone at the bottom of the bag, pull the tray down a bit, and stuff the end of the bag between the seat and the tray, and seal the tray.