Apple is working on allowing multiple users access on iPhone

Apple is working on allowing multiple users access on iPhone

Apple is apparently working on a feature that will allow multiple users access on the same iPhone. Up to now, the iPhones have been considered to be personal devices made for an individual use.

However, the new feature which is worked upon by Apple will allow multiple users to access an iOS device. That means the same iOS device can have multiple users (or Apple IDs). The company is making this possible by introducing a secure enclave technology, which is expected to keep the personal information of one individual user completely private on iOS device.

According to the report of Appleinsider, Apple has referred to both multi-user laptop along with desktop computing devices and single user mobile computing devices. The company has already given this support for macOS but its patent filed indicated that the feature is originally being developed for iPhones.

According to the patent, a computing device can employ some different pass codes as well as associated encryption keys, where multiple encryptions keys or pass codes might be associated with each different user account on the same system.

The patent for a secure enclosure noted that the company is working to protect all user information including login details and Apple Pay details. In the future, Apple may introduce the Secure Enclave Processor or SEP, which could also be a high-quality version of the T2 security chip used on Mac devices. The same processor is expected to be installed on future iPhones.

The reports said, in addition to the potential for multiple users to share a device, Apple is also bringing a security that was hidden behind the familiar passcode or, maybe, Face ID.

The patent was filed in January, 2016. Therefore, it can be said that Apple has been thinking about providing multiple user support on iOS devices for quite some time.