Top the biggest smartphone brands in the world in 2019

Smartphone has become an indispensable thing in the modern life. We use smartphone not only for calling or text but also for entertainment service like listening music, watching movie, surfing internet or playing games. So many benefits from smartphone.

As target about volume in 2019, we produce 1.41 billion units. It a huge number compared population in the world. So which smartphone brands ranks top for smartphone market share. Here is summery detail.

Rank first is Samsung

Samsung brand comes from Korea. Some year recently, it remains the market leader.

According to the report in 2018, Samsung produced 293 million smartphones and kept the top 1 for capacity. People, especially the mature prefer to choosing Samsung as the best choice because design is simple and fashionable while the price is extremely reasonable.

For 2019, Samsung still makes a target for the rank first in market share by boosting exploration emerging markets. The expected market share is about 20%.

Rank second is Huawei

Huawei brand comes from China. This brand takes advantage of economic development of their nation to upgrade and speed up fastest. Although the age is smaller than Apple, in 2018 they overcame to become the world’s second largest smartphone brand. Achievement was 225 million smartphones covered 16% global market share.

Huawei is proud of the China’s largest mobile phone brand.

In situation of US-China trade war, Huawei is easy to be more vulnerable. But they still believe in their result and effort they can reach in 2019.

Rank third is Apple

We don’t need to refer more information about unique designs and functions from Apple. Almost people are interested in Apple most compared others.

As data from statistics, total production volume of 2018 was comparatively the same as 2017. Pricing strategies is always higher than other brand, so we can fully understand about profitability and revenue of Apple. They don’t focus more market share.